A study completed in mid-1995 by the National Home Education Research Institute in Salem, Oregon ranked Montana home educated 
students above the national average. The study examined the demographics and academic achievement levels of home educated 
children in Montana. The study was similar to one completed in 1992.

The study examined test results from all grade levels (K-12). The achievement scores of these home educated students were quite 
high in all areas considered. Data was collected on the following: reading, listening, language, math, science and social 
studies. The home educated students scored, on the average, at relatively high percentiles on standardized academic achievement 
tests, with an overall percentile of 73rd. The overall percentile reported in Dr. Ray's 1992 study was the 72nd. The national average in conventional schools is the 50th percentile.

According to Dr. Brian Ray, president of NHERI, "The data on home educated students in Montana are consistent with those in several 
other studies and reports. The findings in this study show that the achievement scores are high in all grade levels, K through 
12, and in all subject areas."

Other issues discussed in the study reveal that the average annual family income (median of $30,000) was similar to that of 
all married couple families in Montana. These families were much larger than average for Montana, with 3.2 children per family. 
Families spent $329 per year to home educate each child. The mother did 87% of the formal teaching. 

The study also presents in detail, information pertaining to parent's educational attainment, student activities, classroom 
structure and other factors affecting student achievement. 

Copies of the study may be ordered from the Montana Coalition of Home 
Educators, P.O. Box 43, Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730. Cost of the study is 
$10 per copy, plus $2 shipping.

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