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About MCHE

The Montana Coalition of Home Educators came together in 1988 as a cooperative effort of many individuals, organizations, and support groups in the state. The goal was to bring homeschoolers together to protect Montana's home school freedom, while maintaining the independence and autonomy of the individual families and the local home school organizations. To accomplish this goal, a network of these groups, individuals and organizations was formed. An executive committee was selected to serve as a central clearinghouse for information, to set up and maintain a communication network, to watch for political/legal threats to Montana families' freedom, and to inform homeschoolers and suggest possible actions to meet those threats.

MCHE was founded on the basic principles of responsibility and respect. Respect for the right and responsibility of parents to direct the education of their children was the motivation for forming a network for defending that God-given right. Parents are encouraged to exercise personal responsibility for their families by determining for themselves what method of home education works best for them. Respect for diversity and differences of opinions is encouraged. All parents and groups who want to be a part of MCHE are encouraged to exercise their personal responsibility in defending home education freedom through public relations with legislators and local community, and by being involved with lobbying, hearings, letter writing and other actions needed.

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