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List of Montana County Superintendent of Schools

Montana K-12 Content Standards & Model Curriculum Guides


Regarding Accreditation

Home Schooling Curriculum Reviews by Cathy Duffy

A Beka Book - For School And Homeschool

ABC Foundations

ABC Nana

Ace Reader

Acellus Learning System

Activa Materials for Creativity

Aim Academy

Alf Press

All About Learning

All About Reading

All About Spelling

Amanda Bennett's Unit Study Adventures

American Government and Politics Online Resource Guide

American School (**)

Analytical Grammar

The Animation Course

A Plus Tutor


Archers for the Lord

Artistic Pursuits

Aunt Phil's Trunk

Bear Truth Books

Beasley College Prep

Beautiful Feet Books

Bechtel Books


Bellerophon Coloring Books

Bible Pathway Adventures

Bible Phonics Plus


Blossom & Root

Blyth Academy

Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University Press

Bower Arts

Bozeman Public Library - Parent Resources

Build Your Own Library

Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding

Brain Balance

Branson Academy


Calvert School

Calvary University

Champion Preparatory Academy

Character Concepts

Chem With Amanda

Chicken Scratch Books

Christian Book

Christian Educators Academy

Christian Keyboarding

Christian Liberty Academy (**)

Christian Light Education

City Creek

Classical Academic Press

Classical Conversations

Classical Historian

Code for Teens

Coding Bootcamp

College After Homeschooling

College Prep -

Communication Station Speech Therapy

Cornerstone Education Supply

Cool Science Sites

Creation Ministries

Critical Thinking Company

Crossways International

Crossword Solver

CTC Math

Cultured Owl

Deeper Roots

Demme Learning

Dianne Craft

Diana Waring

Discount Homeschool Supplies

Discovery K-12

DGP Publishing

Dover Publications

Easy Grammar

Economics of Entrepreneurship



Education Get Real



Elim Bible Institute and College (**)

Elk Mountain Learning Store (Billings)


Envision Life Academy

Escaping Common Core

Establishing Foundational Skills

Excel Easy

Excellence in Literature

Excelsior Classes

Faith Academy Online (**)

Family Learning

Fascinating Education

FEE In The Classroom

Fiscal Tiger

Foreign Languages for Kids

Freedom Center

Freedom Project Academy (**)

French Essentials

Fun Schooling Books

Genesis Impact

Geography Books For Kids

Geology for Kids

Go Phonics Reading Program

Good and Beautiful Curriculum

Grace Bible College

Grace Christian Academy

Grapevine Studies

GreatScopes Microscopes

Greek and Stuff

Greenleaf Press

Growing With Grammar

Gun Safety for Kids

Hannibal-LaGrange University

Harding University

Heart of Dakota Publishing

Hewitt Homeschooling


High School Biz

Hillsdale College Online Courses

Home Education (UK)

Home School Legal Defense Association

Homeschool Academy

Homeschool Adventure

Homeschool Connections

Homeschool Copywork

Homeschool Court

Homeschool Digest

Homeschool Diplomas

Homeschool Easy

Homeschool Headlines

Homeschool Now USA

Homeschool Piano

Homeschool Programming

Homeschool Resource Roadmap

Homeschool Spark

Homeschool Trade Association

HomeSchool World

Homeschooling for College Credit

Homeschooling in the Woods

Homeschooling Parent Digital Magazine

Home Science Tools

How Great Thou Art

Insect Glossary (

Insect Lore

Insight Technical Education

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Intrepid Books

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page

Journey Through Learning

Jumping Into Genius

Kepler Education

Khan Academy

Keystone School (**)

Kid Niche Publishing

Kinder Lab Robotics


Kingdom Code


Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Lake Michigan College


Landry Academy


Learning Options


Liberal Arts Tradition

Life University

Lighthouse Christian Academy (**)

Live Online Math

Logic of English

Logos Online School (**)

Longevity Publishing

Lukeion Project


Luma Learn

Magnum Opus Magazine

Magoosh Study Resources

Maries Words

Maryville University

Master Books

Math Galaxy

Math With Confidence



Max Scholar

Memoria Press

MicroBusiness for Teens

Middlebury Interactive Languages

Modern Signs Press

Molly Green Magazine

Monarch Online Homeschool Curriculum

Mott Media

Morning Star Academy

Musiq Homeschool

Mr D Math

My School Year Recordkeeping


NASA's The Space Place

National Home Education Research Institute

National University (**)

Nebraska High School

Novare Science & Math


Ogburn Online School (**)

Ohio Christian University

Old Schoolhouse Magazine

One Story Ministries

Our Daily Bread Publishing

Pathway to Liberty

Patrick Henry College

Pencil Grip

Perfect Praise Publishing

Piano By PC

Piano Kids

Piano Marvel

Picabo Yearbooks

Plain Values

Planet 316

The Potter's School

Power Home School

Practical Homeschooling Magazine


Professor Pete's Classroom

Progeny Press

Purity Press Publishers

Rainbow Resource Center

Rail Fence Books

Reading Horizons At-Home

Reading Kingdom

Real Reading Company

Red Wagon Tutorials


Rider University

Right Start Mathematics

Robinson Books Adventure Stories

Rod & Staff (606-522-4348)

Rosetta Stone

Schola Publications

Schole Academy

School Made Simple


School of Tomorrow (**)

Schoolhouse Teachers

Science for High School

Shell Education

Shepherds College

Shurley English


Simply Fun

Skills for Autism

Smartkidz Media Library

Smart Kids Radio


Spanish for Kids

Spanish for You

Speedy Prep Exams

Spelling You See

State History

Student Leadership University

Sycamore Academy (**)


Text Aloud

Text Help

The Teaching Home Magazine

Thiel College

TimberDoodle Curriculum


Times Tales

Tiny Hands Learning


Trail Guide to Learning

Triangle Education Assessments

Trim Healthy You

Truth Quest History


Unlock Math

Upwords Reading

Valley Oak Education Resource Center

Varsity Tutors

Video Text Interactive

Vincennes University

Visible Music College

We, Montana! (Billings MT area)

Well Trained Mind Press

Westfield Studios


Williamsburg Academy (**)

Wordfinder for Kids

Worldview Academy

Write Bonnie Rose

Write For Success

Write to Ignite

Yes, Phonics

YWAM Publishing

Zip Tales


Montana University System

MUS Montana Residency Determination

Montana State University - Bozeman

Montana State University - Gallatin College

Montana State University - Billings

City College at MSU Billings

Montana State University - Northern

Great Falls College MSU

University of Montana - Missoula

Montana College UM

University of Montana Bitterroot College

UM Montana Technology University

UM Highlands College of MT Tech

University of Montana - Western

Helena College UM

Dawson Community College

Flathead Valley Community College

Miles City Community College

Aaniiih Nakoda College

Blackfeet Community College

Chief Dull Knife College

Fort Peck Community College

Little Big Horn College

Salish Kootenai College

Stone Child College

Catholic Liberal Arts College in Helena:

Carroll College

The above websites are provided by MCHE to help new and existing home educators with their schools. MCHE does not endorse any of the companies in the above list who provide courses or courseware. It is important that every home educator do their own research to find and use the best available for their families and students. Do not be afraid to ask for references or sample materials to consider.


Home education magazines are highlighted in MAGENTA


Online instruction providers are highlighted in YELLOWOnline instruction providers that advertise as 'ACCREDITED', are followed with '(**)' - SEE INFORMATION BELOW ON ACCREDITATION STANDARDS IN MONTANA. 

Regarding 'Accreditation' (and 'accredited programs'):

Often, home educators seek out instructional programs that are ‘accredited’ in order to have a degree of assurance that their child (aka student) will have little problem with a possible re-entry into public school OR that the ultimate high school diploma will be equal (to public schools) in acceptance by higher educational institutions (aka colleges or universities or vocational schools).

The use of the important word ‘accredited’ can cause those who are analyzing a program(s) for their use, to assume that it is fully accredited in Montana, on equal footing with Montana’s public (or accredited private) schools. It is not. The Montana Board of Education, over the years, has fulfilled Montana law (20-7-101(1) MCA) by creating the requirements for accreditation that the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) is charged with administering. No school, private or home, can achieve comparable accreditation outside of strict adherence to OPI’s standards. These standards include teacher certification, curriculum approval, etc..

In seeking out home education programs that advertise as being accredited in Montana, it is important to challenge the company to provide proof of their accreditation approval by Montana's OPI. There have been a number of cases over the years, where families were using 'accredited' home education programs, expecting NO difficulties in possible re-entry to public schools, and/or entry into universities, colleges or vocational schools - and they ended up with problems.

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