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Home School News

This page is dedicated to news that is directly related to home education or education issues in general (that will likely affect the home school community in the future).

Montana homeschool enrollment spiked in 2020   Bozeman Chronicle   10/18/2023

Truant public school student's parents are sent to jail  DailyMail  08/16/2023 

Time to Home School  (MCHE)

School Principal Quits Job to Home School Her 3 Kids   Epoch Times  06/26/2023

Montana's Home School Heroes   Frontier Institute  06/20/2023 

The US Department Issues Pride Month Directive  (Why we home educate)   Epoch Times 06/02/2023

Homeschool your children  American Wire  09/13/2022 

Maryland parents choose home schooling   Fox News  08/22/2022 

Number of Home Schooled Students Up in Silver Bow County  MT Standard  05/07/2022 

New Montana Law helps Homeschool student   406MTSports   04/06/2022

Former Teacher Chooses to Homeschool   Epoch Times  03/29/2022

Research Reveals Long-Term Harm of State Pre-K Program  Psychology Today   01/31/2022


Expanding School Choice Takes Commitment   DailyInterlake  01/23/2022

Statistics Show that America's Education System is Failing   Epoch Times  02/02/2022


DC mayor on blast that schools will transition to virtual learning  BPR  12/31/2021

The Graphic, Obscene material Sparking a Parental Revolt in Public Schools   National Review  12/30/2021

VA teachers push back against proposal for 'equitable grading practices'  BPR  12/30/2021

Dumbing down Education Key to Dismantling America  Epoch Times   12/29/2021

Lockdown & Mask Policies and Children IQs  Epoch Times  12/27/2021

Parents who fight back their children's education face pushback   BPR  12/27/2021

Virginia Parents Sue School District over CRT Curriculum  Epoch Times   12/25/2021


Loudoun County Moms Set Out to Protect Their Children...   Epoch Times   12/01/2021


Homeschooling 'is so efficient'   DailyMail    11/18/2021

What Homeschoolers Are Doing Right  WSJ  11/10/2021


Public School Spins Part-Time Academy as “Homeschool Away From Home”   HSLDA  11/03/2021


What Should Children Learn - Back to Basics  Epoch Times  11/03/2021

Homeschooling in Montana, 2 parents reason for leaving traditional classrooms  KPAX  10/29/2021

WaPo ‘experts’ explain why parents have no right to tell schools what to teach our kids  BPR  (10/25/2021)


Gallatin County home schooling declines, some public schools report increases  Bozeman Chronicle  (10/24/2021)


Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t.   WashPost  10/21/2021


Letter to Montana School Boards Association   OPI Supt Arntzen  (10/15/2021)

Moms Stand Up to Unlawful Demands in Big Sky Country   HSLDA  (10/14/2021)


Newsom Signs Bill Requiring CA Students Pass Ethnic Studies Course To Graduate   Daily Wire (10/12/2021)

US Sees Surge in Homeschooling and Not Just Over Pandemic   Epoch Times  (10/08/2021) 


Florida mom calls for ‘mass exodus’ from public schools   Daily Mail (10/08/2021)


Attorneys General Vow to Protect Parents Against Weaponized FBI  Daily Torch  (10/07/2021)

Home-schooling will soon be targeted for outlaw   Washington Times  (10/07/2021)

Coalition of over 400,000 parents send School Boards Association a clear message on new DOJ order  BPR (10/7/21)


Biden appoints critical race theory advocate to Ed Dept   BPR  (10/06/2021)

Re-Education Camps  BPR (10/06/2021)

Your Children....Our Rules   Tucker Carlson   (10/05/2021)

Homeschooling Numbers are Through the Roof   ALG  (09/17/2021)

Why Homeschooling is Winning - Prager U  (09/16/2021)

Homeschool Numbers - NHERI  (09/09/2021)

Homeschool Couple teaches Science while Surfing  - Epoch News (09/08/2021)

French High Court Denies Homeschool Law Appeal  HSLDA  (08/24/2021)

Do you Know What books Your kids are Reading?  - Epoch News (07/24/2021)

Homeschool Access to Public School Sports in Montana  - HSLDA  (07/14/2021)

Public School Enrollment Drops 3% Nationally  - Center Square  (07/04/2021)

Home-Schooled 22-Year-Old Is the Youngest Person in the UK to Get PhD in Astrophysics  - Epoch News  (05/24/2021)

Attacks on Christian Homeschooling no longer Subtle   - Epoch News  (05/17/2021)

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